Thursday, June 09, 2005

LA story

Our stay in LA did not include any celebrity encounters, visits to the Happiest Place on Earth, or Rodeo shopping sprees. But it did include a trip to the airport in morning rush hour traffic, a visit to Trader Joes, and an evening watching a stolen car chase (seen on television not in person). I’m confident we experienced the best of LA.

During our brief time in LA, Carly and I had time to discuss case areas and Japan details. These discussions led to several last minute errands to pick up extra gifts (Pez dispensers and toys/candy), socks (lest my dirty feet soil Japanese floors after removing my Birkenstocks), and wrapping paper (presentation of gifts holds particular import to the Japanese, leading even me to invest in ribbons and paper). Anyone who has ever received a gift from me wrapped in used paper/newspaper or given entirely naked (the gift not the giver) has cause to laugh at the thought of me purchasing wrapping to dress pencils, stickers, key chains, and other assorted small gifts.

We’ve already benefited from gracious hosting. The Baaske’s welcomed us into their home. They kept us fed and watered. They even let us control the remote control. Highlights included a delicious meal at a Mexican restaurant (mmmmm margaritas, fresh tamales, and guacamole prepared table-side) and a feast at an Indian restaurant for our last night in the states, including enough potato products to satisfy even my (substantial) carbohydrate demands. Perhaps Carly will blog about the debates, and I’ll just gush about food.

Despite our California adventures, I’m ready for the next step. We conquered Target. Bring it on, Japan.

- Leah


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