Saturday, July 02, 2005

(Almost) Home

LAX. 2:54 PM. 22 hours of traveling and counting. Attempting to stay awake during a 6-hour layover before a late afternoon flight to Seattle.

Carly, Kevin, and I parted ways this morning in Los Angeles, providing a symbolic end to our Japan-South Korea adventure despite additional flight time for Carly and I. After almost four weeks of traveling, scheming, eating, and drinking together, I'm not entirely prepared to make decisions without group consensus or navigate without the triple-check provided by my worldly companions. (Luckily, I return to my laidback, familiar Seattle neighborhood not the bustling, twisting Tokyo subway).

Not one to typically embrace clich├ęs, my jet-lagged brain struggles to express "experience of a life time" in more precise words. A sincere thanks to and for all those who we met along the way. Your hospitality and eager conversations allowed the exchange to be one of ideas and affection not just debate arguments. A special thanks to Kevin and Carly. Y'all rock. Learning about each of you and from you was an honor.

In the next few days, we'll update the missing pieces of our journey on the blog. Until then, sayonara Japan-US Debate Exchange 2005.

- Leah